20 Best YouTube Channels for Game Developers

Let's take a look at the best YouTube channels that will be useful for every game developer.
20 Best YouTube Channels for Game Developers

The digital age has revolutionized the way we learn, and YouTube has become a treasure trove of valuable resources for game developers. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 20 best YouTube channels that cater to the varied needs of game development enthusiasts. Whether you're an aspiring programmer, a creative game designer, or someone intrigued by the business aspects of game development, these channels offer plenty of tutorials, ideas, and industry experience to help you on your way to mastering the craft.

1. Brackeys

brackeys 20 top channels

Brackeys is a top-quality game development channel offering tutorials on Unity, programming, and game design. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, Brackeys provides guidance to help you become a successful game developer. 

2. Game Maker's Toolkit

mark brown top channels gamedev

Game Maker's Toolkit is a popular channel hosted by Mark Brown that features content related to game design, level design and game production. With humorous commentary and gameplay videos, you can learn various game mechanics and game design elements. 

3. Extra Credits

YouTube Extra Credits games

Extra Credits is a YouTube channel that mainly focuses on game design, history, and culture. They explore various topics related to the gaming world, such as game development, storytelling, and the impact of video games on society. Over the years, the channel has become a well-known source of information for anyone interested in game design and related topics.

4. Blackthornprod

Blackthornprod top gamedev channels

Blackthornprod is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to game development and animation. The channel offers a wide range of videos, including tutorials on game design, animation, and digital art techniques. Blackthornprod also explores topics such as storytelling, character design, and game aesthetics.

5. GameDevHQ

gamedevhq game development

GameDevHQ provides a complete set of game development resources. Their weekly content include tutorials, notably the new Unity C# tutorials and Unity Art Pipeline tutorials, which cover topics such as level design and improving visual aesthetics in Unity. In addition, the channel publishes weekly news about game development.

6. Unity

unity channel youtube

The Unity YouTube channel is an official channel created and maintained by Unity Technologies, the company behind the popular game development platform. The channel features content aimed at game developers, including tutorials, tips and tricks, demos of games made with Unity, updates on new features and releases, as well as information about technology and company events.

7. Gamefromscratch

Gamefromscratch best YT channel games

The Gamefromscratch channel features tutorials, reviews, and guides covering topics such as game engines, programming languages, game design, and various game development tools. In addition, Gamefromscratch provides information on news related to game development, offers recommendations, and explores the latest trends and advances in the field.

8. Unreal Engine

unreal engine ue gamedev channels

The Unreal Engine YouTube channel is the official channel of Epic Games. Here you will find tutorials, developer updates, showcases of projects created with Unreal Engine, and discussions of new features and tools.

9. HeartBeast

HeartBeast 20 top game development channels

The HeartBeast YouTube channel is run by Benjamin Anderson, an experienced game developer. HeartBeast provides tutorials on various aspects of game development, such as game design principles, programming techniques, and developing games from scratch.

10. Jonas Tyroller

Jonas Tyroller indie games

The channel chronicles the journey of a full-time indie game developer, capturing the entire journey from its initiation in 2018. It produces a blend of educational and engaging content related to game development.

11. Code Monkey

best youtube channels devtodev

The channel is run by a professional indie game developer under the pseudonym Code Monkey. Here you will be able to gain comprehensive knowledge about game development in Unity using C#.

12. Snowman Gaming

game design devtodev

The Snowman Gaming channel is dedicated to exploring the fundamental elements that contribute to great games and serves as a platform for in-depth analysis of the principles of good game design.

13. Game Dev Underground 

game dev tutorials

The Game Dev Underground channel is hosted by Tim Ruswick. It provides practical insights and resources for aspiring game developers. With a focus on the game industry, development, and design, the channel offers valuable advice, real-world experiences, tutorials, and demonstrations of game projects. 

14. Game Dev Unlocked

gamedev youtube channels

Game Dev Unlocked is a well-known channel hosted by David Wehle, a full-time indie game developer behind games like The First Tree. He produces content that is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers, aiming to teach more about the game development process. Subscribe the channel to learn and master the art of creating games.

15. Level Design Lobby

level design channels devtodev

The Level Design Lobby channel is created and maintained by Max Pears, an experienced level designer. He shares his experience creating levels for games, as well as the principles and features of this field.

16. GDC

gdc gaming industry

GDC (Game Developers Conference) is a well-known channel in the gaming industry. The channel covers topics related to game development, including programming, design, business, and marketing.
GDC also hosts an annual conference, where industry professionals and aspiring game developers come together to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the world of gaming. The channel features coverage of these conferences, as well as interviews with leading figures in the gaming industry.

17. Sebastian Lague

game development top channels

Sebastian Lague is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to game development, programming, and computer graphics. Sebastian is a self-taught programmer and game developer who shares his knowledge and experience with his audience. He also creates in-depth series on topics such as creating a game from scratch, creating a procedural terrain, and implementing advanced graphics techniques.

18. The Cherno

gamedev programming tutorials

The Cherno channel primarily specializes in game development, programming and computer science. On this channel you will find tutorials on programming languages, as well as detailed guides on developing games using various engines.

19. Thomas Brush

making games youtube

On his channel, Thomas usually presents his current projects, as well as detailed demonstrations of the development process. If you want to go deeper into game development, you can check out his videos and tutorials.

20. GDQuest

game developer devtodev

GDQuest focuses on tutorials and educational content about game development using open source tools such as Godot Engine, Blender, Krita and others.

We hope you find our list of the 20 best YouTube channels for game developers helpful. We've collected these channels because of their practical focus, coverage of a wide range of game development topics, and positive feedback from experts in the field. All of these channels are aimed at helping you create a successful game.

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