Join the new Product Analytics Course at the Edvice Platform

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Join the new Product Analytics Course at the Edvice Platform

Welcome to the new free course from devtodev experts powered by Edvice! Get fundamental knowledge of product analytics and learn how to use data to generate revenue in games and apps!

The course consists of four parts, which will be released gradually at Edvice platform.

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In the first part you will learn:

  • What does it take to become a Product Analyst?
  • What skills and tools an analyst needs.
  • How to choose frameworks for product metrics.
  • The mathematical background of data analysis.
  • How to choose and set up the analytics system. 

You can read the full program on the course page, which is available in English and Russian.

The next parts will soon be avaliable at the platform. They will focus on user acquisition and engagement, product monetization, data analysis methods, metrics prediction, and how to interact with users. Stay tuned for announcements!

Edvice is a new experience sharing platform for the gaming industry that we at devtodev created in collaboration with the DevGAMM team! The main goal pursued by Edvice is to promote knowledge sharing in the gaming industry, and make this process easier than ever!  Now you can easily schedule personal consultations with leading industry experts and gain invaluable experience in developing and promoting games. In addition, we have moved your favorite devtodev courses and articles to the new platform, and all new courses will be released there.

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