Tips to Keep in Mind to Develop Better UX Mobile Games

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Tips to Keep in Mind to Develop Better UX Mobile Games
Manan Ghadawala

The world of gaming has come a long way from the days of the chunky gaming consoles and cartridges to the sleek and portable mobile apps. Each and every mobile app development company is in competition to provide an unbeatable gaming experience. Mobile app services and mobile design are being taken to the next level every single minute. The focus is the mobile game development service that reflects the best mobile UI design patterns. Mobile application development is now inclusive of consistency in app design and we witness improve app usability.

Even the gaming behaviors have drastically upgraded from aiming to reach the end of the game to staying in it for as long as possible. This means that there has to be a constant upgrade in the technical and visual competencies of a game with the increasing user base. The US tops the mobile games market with a whopping 20% on the share of mobile game sessions. India and China hold 13% and 7% respectively.

The most important aspect of a game is to get its players hooked. To achieve this, it is essential to have an impeccable UI/UX strategy in place. The most obvious and simple solution seems to be to hire an app developer who will take care of it all. Unfortunately, the gaming design interface is quite complex and challenging and the skill it requires isn’t commonly available. The other solution is to have a blended development team that helps with mobile application development. According to market researcher Newzoo, the global games market is expected to reach $180.1 billion in 2021. Below are a few tips to help make the most of the massive and extremely profitable mobile industry.

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1. Set Clear Goals

Whether you choose to hire an individual or a team that provides mobile app services, it is essential to set clear goals for the team to follow. Defining and syncing to a set of best practices helps to develop an incredible gaming interface that gives its audience an unforgettable experience. It also helps select various strategies used to achieve good UX from those available in the industry

2. Seek Inspiration

Inspiration is fuel for creativity. Inspiration can strike anywhere. A Google search can help you with several Mobile Ux Design Examples and User Experience Design Tips that can be incorporated into your mobile game to keep up with the trends. This is the need of the hour since time spent on mobile game apps has grown from 46 minutes in 2011 to 2.5 hours in 2018. Apart from this, a strong and frequent competition study also helps keep ahead of the curve and understand the gaps in the industry. 

3. Conceptualize 

Conceptualizing the Mobile Application Development in advance helps with the Consistency in the App Design, Improve App Usability and helps lock in the elements such as menu design, user journey, game flow, etc. Ensure that you don’t spend too much time in this phase. It is meant to just help set a roadmap to assist with the development.

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4. Integrate the UI & UX

While it is easy to dismiss both the UI and the UX as separate identities, they are more closely linked than it seems. Mobile UI/UX Design has to be robust, both, in terms of the design details as well as the smooth operations that result from proper backend execution. A well experienced Mobile App Development Company understands this importance and hence they make sure that these teams work together constantly. No update or change is made without involving both the teams. 

5. Leverage on the Mobile

Designing a game for a non-mobile interface is fairly simpler, smartphones also have unmatched features that are specific to the platform. Mobile Design enables the app ecosystem that helps create a powerful gaming experience. The Mobile Screen Design enables a range of visual stimuli that hooks the gamer to the game. Simplified actions like swipes, shakes, taps, long hold, and other actions result in a more immersive gaming experience. The Mobile UI Patterns and Game App UX Design also can integrate mobile vibrations to situations like a car crash or explosions to make it more experiential.

6. Balance Creativity and Logic

Contrary to popular belief, being a UX developer does not curb creativity. Logic is the key to all games and in-game events. With a strong backing of logic, one can exhibit their creativity through controls appearance and navigation. A strong button appearance will make gamers click on the same naturally. This is especially true in the case of mobile gamers since 48% of users are annoyed because of sites poorly optimized for mobiles. Hire app developer that helps with this.

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7. Simple Navigation and Design

A simple and straightforward game flow in mobile apps makes the user happy. Games that require multiple instructions or clicks to access basic functions like the menu or the exit frustrate the gamers. A seamless gaming experience means keeping the basic controls at the very top which makes them easily accessible. 

8. Keep It Intuitive and Non-intrusive

A chaotic screen full of random animation, layers or translations is not helpful at all. A light and intuitive interface that is completely non-intrusive aids a strong Mobile App Design. The end-goal is to make the Mobile Game Design enjoyable for users. It is vital to remember that a lighter game experience translates into lesser performance overheads.

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9. Subtle Monetization

Pop-up ads make it to the top of the list of what ruins a gaming experience. Such ads disrupt the gameplay, distract the gamer and slow down the game itself. Transitional ads can be integrated seamlessly into the gameplay without disruptions. Incentivized ads work well with mobile Game App Ux Design. Roughly 70% of Android and 80% of iOS games used in-app advertising as the monetization method in 2017.


With so many multi-user gaming formats, coming up with new ways to reach your mobile app's audience and to be able to get a convincing story with the UI/UX design that supports it isn’t really a simple task. The mobile UI design patterns have to sync perfectly with the User Experience to be able to reach a wider audience. It also needs to be a seamlessly smooth experience that keeps the player coming back. Consistency in app design has led to improve app usability. Mobile UX design principles, mobile UX design examples have helped us understand mobile UX design in depth. Mobile game development service and mobile gaming is no longer just a frivolous pastime. It has evolved into a credible and magnetizable career that can be banked upon.

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