How to Analyze Your Paying Audience? Chapter 1: RFM-analysis
In the first article we dig into segmentation by recency, frequency and RFM-analysis for paying users.

We know that monetization is important for every mobile app developer. And we're sure that detailed analysis of monetization and paying users behavior is the key to its understanding and optimization.

That's why we decided to write 3 articles on how to analyze paying users, where our lead analyst Vasiliy Sabirov shares his experience with everyone.

In the first article which we first published on Gamasutra, we described how to segment paying users:

1. Segmentation by recency, frequency and monetary of payments (RFM-analysis).
2. Segmentation by the amount of money (whales, dolphins & minnows).

These types of segmentation will allow you to understand where does your money come from and where the bottlenecks are. Read more about it here.

And check our next articles on the revenue structure and conversion to have the full picture of the paying users of your app.

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