Forecast future results

With devtodev, you can forecast your future metrics and how users will behave. Using the time series forecasting models, devtodev predicts future metrics of revenue, audience activity, and retention.

Optimize traffic channels and improve marketing efforts

With devtodev, you can forecast consumer Lifetime Value broken down to any traffic source, campaigns, segments based on the data starting from the early days of the campaign. Knowing your forecasted LTV, you will always know the viability of further purchasing traffic and when it’s going to pay off.

Compare forecasts and plan your game economy

Also, you can compare the actual and forecasted values and react accordingly when they change. We forecast all the basic metrics of your project so you’ll be able to plan your game economy for a few days, weeks, months ahead.

Monitor your game performance
against your competitors

With AppMagic integration at devtodev, you can check your competitors data and evaluate how your app performs compared to them.

About devtodev

devtodev is a full-cycle analytics solution developed by games industry professionals specifically for game developers that helps you convert players into paying users, improve in-game economics, predict churn, revenue and customer lifetime value, as well as analyze and influence user behavior.