Drill down into data

Slice and dice any kind of raw data, build quieries, export reports, and get even more insights into your users’ behavior.

Create queries and work with raw data

Are you used to evaluating everything by yourself, calculating every metric with your own analytic expression and building your own forecast models in Python or R?

With devtodev, you can export any event data and build a database query with our tool which helps you create SQL queries.

Simply choose the fields, set up the filters and devtodev’s SQL Wizard will process the request and will show you the result.

Save reports and export data

You can export the result into the CSV file and go on working with data in any convenient way. Save the reports in your profile and export new data within the few clicks.

Build segments for your queries based on any metric

You can use our Report Master and build diagrams or tables by any metric of your game within any segment.

Collect and analyze data from attribution trackers

In addition to that, you can integrate data from attribution trackers, for example, Adjust, Branch.io, Kochava, Tenjin, AppsFlyer, Tune.

When you connect it with user behavior, you can use devtodev’s API and see your data on one platform.

About devtodev

devtodev is a full-cycle analytics solution developed by games industry professionals specifically for game developers that helps you convert players into paying users, improve in-game economics, predict churn, revenue and customer lifetime value, as well as analyze and influence user behavior.