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Increase traffic efficiency and get rid of ineffective channels
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Boost your retention rate using comprehensive reports
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Divide your users into segments and build unique funnels for each segment
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Money talks

Learn where does your money come from by understanding users behavior
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into game

Pick up the points of growth and improve the economy of the game using advanced payment reports
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Discover higher-end tools such as SQL Wizard for truly engaged professionals
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Interact with each user individually and guide them through by sending push notifications
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Introducing NEW module: SQL Wizard
Introducing NEW module: SQL Wizard
Announcement for truly engaged professionals: now you’re able to answer any question about your app using SQL query. Try it now!
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Meet devtodev at DevGAMM 2016
Meet devtodev at DevGAMM 2016
Meet us in Minsk on November 10-11 at DevGAMM , an international conference for game devs and publishers. Drop us a note if you plan to improve your project and see you there!
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