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Comprehensive analytics platform that improves your project and saves time for product development.
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Increase traffic efficiency and get rid of ineffective channels
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Boost your retention rate using comprehensive reports
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Divide your users into segments and build unique funnels for each segment
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Money talks

Learn where does your money come from by understanding users behavior
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into game

Pick up the points of growth and improve the economy of the game using advanced payment reports
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Discover higher-end tools such as SQL Wizard for truly engaged professionals
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Interact with each user individually and guide them through by sending push notifications
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Alexander Tolkach

CTIGames | CEO
devtodev provided exact solution we needed to gather statistics both for performance analytics and gathering big data for user behavior deep analytics. I think this service became unique in it's type and we are proud to be among rather early customers.

Sergey Sholom

Datcroft Games | CEO
We have checked so many analytical systems before we have finally found devtodev, and it's hard to express how much of a relief it was. Using devtodev allowed us to drop at least three other services and finally get all the information about our games we need in one place, so now we can effectively track all our users from the very first steps in on dashboard. That's an amazing product, and we highly recommend it both to indie developers and to established experienced studios.

Alexey Sheremetyev & Sergey Nosyrev

Planner 5D | Founders
With devtodev, we have the complete set of tools to help us understand our users. Functionality that devtodev provides us with, not only completely meets the company’s demanding requirements, but also gives a highly scalable foundation for continuing rapid growth.

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Live webinar: App analytics master class
Live webinar: App analytics master class
During this live webinar we’ll discuss how exactly users behave within your app and what obstacles they experience. Bonus: you'll learn about push notifications specifics!


Meet devtodev at White Nights Moscow
Meet devtodev at White Nights Moscow
In-game analytics is the major trend at WN2016 on Oct. 11-12. Attend our session on How to understand your game the way players do, join us in panel discussion and meet our experts at booth S26!
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