6 Tips To Improve Your ASO

If you wish to have a more successful app with loads of visibility and downloads which has high income-generating potential - you got to pay more attention to your ASO strategy.
6 Tips To Improve Your ASO
Vikash Kumar

There are more than 2 million apps in Apple's App store and 2.6 million Android apps in the Google Play store which are used by approximately 3 billion smartphone users across the globe and these figures keep on increasing as the day passes by. If you are a developer who’s trying to get your app noticed then these numbers can be enormous and staggering. 

Here the question arises: How can you stand out in a crowded field of competitors? And more importantly, how do you get your mobile app rank higher in an App Store to search to make sure it matches the intent of searches in the App Store searches?

The ultimate solution to all these questions is to use a strong App Store Optimization strategies for the iOS App Store and Google Play. In this article, we will look up at some strategies that you can implement to help your mobile app rank high in the App stores and seen by more potential users and fans. Let us begin with some basic terms.

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What is ASO?

We are quite familiar with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is a set of strategies to get your web pages rank higher in the search results of Google. Similar to this, mobile app developers must use App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques to get your mobile app to the notch of store search results. It is also viewed as an App Store SEO. Unluckily, the true algorithms for better rankings in both App stores are not actually known alike SEO and it can also change frequently. 

Techniques to Improve your ASO

1. Work Well on App Description

The mobile app description works the same as the website's landing pages. Your app description and page within the app store should be viewed as a crucial part of your App Store Optimization Strategy. Ask yourself some questions before pursuing the description:

  • What are the features and functionalities of your app?
  • Or what problems does it solve?

Moreover, you can add some useful screenshots that look appealing in your app description and are relevant to what your potential customers are looking for. These displays the key parts of your app by making it look more approachable to encourage more downloads and boost your ranking. Here’s the example of well written App description:

Travel app screenshots
Image Source: Appradar

2. Play Along with the Keywords

Keywords are vital in ASO as in SEO. Similar to the app titles, you need to handle app keywords differently be it Apple or Google. Specifically, Apple handles only 100 characters for all of your keywords whereas Google has no such specified keyword field which lets you have a comfortable 4000 characters on the go. For the best results, you should input your keyword for at least 5 times in the description and make sure to not overdo it by making it sensible for a person to read it.

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3. Begin with a Descriptive Title

Are you a strong believer of what's in a name? But there lies plenty of things when we talk about the name of your app and ASO. A good title will not only identify your app but it can also improve your rankings it does to the prospective users. To do this you can include a keyword or two in your application's title which can help at least help your app to rank higher than if you do not include the one. Both Apple and Google handles titles differently and hence you should make an approach depending upon your marketing to the users. Here’s the great example of nice descriptive title.

App store titles examples
Image Source: Appradar

4. Include an App Preview Video

You can harness the power of video for your App store page to give users a better insight into what your application can offer them. App Previews in the iOS app store allows you to add a 30-second short video to showcase the benefits and features of your application. Furthermore, you can show recordings of the in-app experience by making attractive UX up to your audience demands! Many people have this habit of auto play with muted audio. You can gain an advantage here by explaining the pertinent sections or features that you want to show by only including the footage of the app.

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5. Work more on Icon Design

There is a correlation between the downloads and ranking as more the number of downloads for your app the more popularity it is likely to receive and therefore it will rank higher. It is vital to know how to design an engaging app icon as you only get one image to display to your app store audiences and therefore it is worth for your app to take some time and choose carefully. Your icon design should be quite engaging and eye-catching. Make sure it is not too similar to other applications.

App icons
Image Source: apptamin

6. Add some Positive Reviews

Positive ratings and reviews both in terms of quality and quantity have a huge impact on your App Store Optimization efforts as it is in your best interest to get as many as possible. It is mandatory to have some honest reviews from people who have downloaded the app. Try to show them a pop-up notification to rate your app once they open it multiple times in a day. There are high chances that they will open it and put up a review but if you have not used your app much, then the reviews will not reflect their experience precisely.

Wrapping Up

If you wish to have a more successful app with loads of visibility and downloads which has high income-generating potential — you got to pay more attention to your ASO strategy. It is seen that there are a few established things which have a positive impact on how well your app ranks despite the fact that Apple and Google do not disclose their exact methodology for app rank. We hope that by implementing these steps, you stand a good chance to improve the ASO of your application which can help you stand out among the hundreds to thousands of apps on both the major app stores. Keep learning!

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