Devtodev Updates: A Recap of 2023

Devtodev updates of 2023: The best features that have made the platform more flexible and customizable, helping our clients make even better data-driven decisions
Devtodev Updates: A Recap of 2023

Throughout the year, our team has been helping our clients make even better data-driven decisions. Our main focus was to enhance platform flexibility and customization, empowering product teams to build better and more informative reports. Below, we’re recapping Devtodev’s updates that stand out in 2023. 

We improved a number of reports including Retention, Conversion funnel, Virtual goods and purchases. And also added several new features focusing on user experience and customization.

Let’s get into more details and find out how exactly they help our users.

More Flexibility in the Retention Report

We have empowered users to independently choose starting and finishing events when building retention reportsthis allows them to narrow down the audience and calculate the retention metric more effectively. 

For example, now teams can measure user retention from the moment of registration in the app, rather than from installation, or calculate the number of users who not only opened the app on a given day but also took a specific action.

Enhanced retention report
Screenshot from Devtodev demo

Updated Virtual Goods and Purchases Report

Some enhancements have been implemented in our Virtual goods & purchases report. We've incorporated the display of item groups, introduced breakdowns by levels, a new approach to calculating mean value, and a whole new metric!

With this update, our clients can identify the highest-performing items at various levels and then create user cohorts based on individuals reaching those levels and leverage the received information to send targeted push notifications with enticing offers.

Virtual goods purchases game buyers
Screenshot from Devtodev demo

Optimized Conversion Funnel Report

Now there’s an opportunity to integrate alternative events when constructing a conversion funnel. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to create segments of users who dropped out at any step within the funnel, failing to achieve a predefined goal.

In order to offer more analytical depth, we introduced the limitation by session feature—an option for analyzing any particular user session. For instance, if you're interested in the number of users reaching the ultimate goal within a specific number of sessions (first two, three, etc.), you can easily calculate it, build a segment, and conduct a thorough analysis.

To improve and facilitate the work for our users, we've introduced a simplified view to our funnels. The new feature emphasizes crucial information while omitting intricate parameters and names.

We further fine-tuned the flexibility of several reports by introducing the 'IS NOT' operator that now allows to specify parameters to exclude from reports, focusing solely on the ones that matter the most.

Limit by session funnel
Screenshot from Devtodev demo

More Data on Dashboards and Export to PDF

In 2023, we enrolled several updates to revamp data visualization and allow adding two metrics on a single 1x1 widget that helps to access the essential data points while saving dashboard space.

Next, now users can create 1x1 widgets with any metric from the Basic metrics report and transform custom event results into distinct 1x1 widgets. For instance, you can incorporate your gross revenue, the number of transactions for yesterday, or any other metric relevant to your project.

In addition, we've got one more option for sharing dashboards, making it both easy and convenient. Simply export them to PDF, review, and send out. Teams can use the feature for creating presentations or sharing data with the publisher or investors.

Finally, the opportunity to display customer retention metrics directly on the default dashboard is now available allowing to keep track of a broader range of information that is crucial for the project.

Widget dashboard real
Screenshot from Devtodev demo

More Customization

Several updates have been dedicated solely to report customization. For teams navigating through tutorials where generic step labels may cause confusion, we've introduced an option allowing users to assign custom names to each funnel step to facilitate clearer communication and collaboration among team members.

Also, we made it easier to see the percentage of users with specific attributes in a group by adding 'Show % of Total' to all tables in the Basic metrics report.

Additionally, we’ve made changes allowing users to add or deactivate user properties in favor of more relevant ones. 

User property management
Screenshot from Devtodev demo

2024 is upon us with even more updates - stay tuned!

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