How devtodev Transforms your Approach to Digital Teamwork

How can your analytics platform help you with streamlining communication within the team? Read about the tools and ways they assist communication
How devtodev Transforms your Approach to Digital Teamwork

In the era of digital teamwork, can an analytics platform revolutionize your collaborative efforts? What essential tools does it require to enhance productivity, shore up employee collaboration, bolster employee collaboration, and deliver impactful results? Let's explore how the devtodev analytics platform not only ensures exceptional analytics but also facilitates seamless communication of achieved outcomes without compromising convenience and quality.

Let’s talk about the teams because devtodev takes meticulous care of each one. This platform offers actionable data to everyone involved:

  • First and foremost, devtodev empowers analysts by providing access to custom events and funnel reports, customizable dashboards, in-built SQL capabilities, and a diverse range of other tools.

  • Top managers and CEOs can access out-of-the-box reports and dashboards featuring crucial metrics.

  • Acquisition managers gain access to laser-focused reports and a sophisticated push notification master.

  • Game designers can delve into in-depth in-game analysis reports.

  • Customer support managers can extract valuable information from user profiles and transaction reports.

  • Developers can efficiently utilize user profiles and preset reports.

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With devtodev, you have the ability to assign specific roles to teams and employees, ensuring that they access only the data relevant to their tasks, eliminating any unnecessary confusion.

devtodev Tools that Improve Teamwork

Let's now explore the devtodev tools that foster enhanced interaction among coworkers across different teams or within a single team.

Once a team member creates a dashboard, they can effortlessly share it by utilizing the button located to the right of the dashboard's name (the same functionality applies to reports) and directly email it to a colleague.

Sharing dashboard digital company
Screenshot from devtodev demo

Alternatively, you can seamlessly share selected reports via Slack, sending them directly to a designated work channel (note that this feature does not apply to dashboards).

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Share report to Slack
Screenshot from devtodev demo

devtodev facilitates communication among all stakeholders right within the platform, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools to address issues. For instance, if colleagues have ideas, comments, or suggestions regarding a widget, they can easily add comments to it, triggering automatic notifications for the dashboard owner.

Comment widgets dashboards analytical company
Screenshot from devtodev demo

Dashboards can sometimes be overwhelming for non-analysts. However, devtodev prioritizes simplicity and clarity. To this end, it is advisable to provide a concise explanation of the dashboard's goal and purpose, incorporating essential KPIs or any other pertinent information. devtodev offers a dedicated text widget for this purpose (as depicted in the previous screenshot).

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Sending smart alerts is an excellent way to enhance communication and digital teamwork. These alerts promptly notify both you and your coworkers when metrics undergo significant changes, whether they experience rapid growth or decline. If required, devtodev can send these alerts directly to a designated Slack channel, enabling collaborative troubleshooting.

Set up smart alerts metric changes
Screenshot from devtodev demo

As evident from the above, leveraging an analytics platform like devtodev empowers efficient professional communication across all roles within your organization. It facilitates access to essential information, enables information sharing among teams, and encourages insightful comments on analytical widgets and dashboards. These features profoundly enhance collaboration within your team, fostering greater productivity!

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