How devtodev Transforms your Approach to Digital Teamwork

How can your analytics platform help you with streamlining communication within the team? Read about the tools and ways they assist communication
How devtodev Transforms your Approach to Digital Teamwork

Can an analytics platform take your teamwork to the next level? What tools does it need to boost productivity, accelerate interaction, shore up employee collaboration, and deliver results that matter? Let’s look at how the devtodev analytics platform manages to ensure great analytics and communication about achieved results while not losing on convenience and quality.

Let’s talk about the teams because devtodev takes care of each of them. The platform can provide actionable data to everyone:

  • First and foremost, devtodev provides data for analysts who get access to custom events and funnel reports, custom dashboards, in-built SQL, and a large number of other tools.

  • Top managers and CEOs can find out-of-the-box reports and dashboards about some crucial metrics.

  • Acquisition managers get access to a set of laser-focused reports and a sophisticated push notification master.

  • Game designers can dig into in-game analysis reports.

  • Customer support managers are able to get plenty of useful information from user profiles and transaction reports.

  • Developers can make good use of user profiles or preset reports

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devtodev enables you to assign a role to all the teams and employees. This can make sure that they gain access to a specific chunk of the data necessary for their task while not confusing them with the data they don’t need.

devtodev Tools that Improve Teamwork

Let’s move to the devtodev instruments that can accelerate the interaction between coworkers from different teams or within one team.

After one of your team members creates a dashboard, they want to have an easy way of sharing it. You can use a button to the right of the dashboard’s name (the same works for the reports) and email it to a colleague.

Sharing dashboard digital company
Screenshot from devtodev demo

Or you can use Slack and send all the selected reports right into a specified work channel (this doesn’t work with dashboards).

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Share report to Slack
Screenshot from devtodev demo

devtodev enables the communication between all the involved parties right within the platform. This means that you don’t need to exit devtodev to solve some of their issues. For example, in case your colleagues have their own ideas, comments, and suggestions about a widget, they can add a comment to it, and the dashboard owner will automatically receive a notification.

Comment widgets dashboards analytical company
Screenshot from devtodev demo

Dashboards can be quite complicated for non-analysts, but devtodev stands on the side of simplicity and clarity. Therefore it’s a good idea to have a short explanation about its goal and purpose, maybe add some KPIs you need to look for or any other useful information. In devtodev, a dedicated text widget serves this purpose (the previous screenshot illustrates it quite well).

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Sending smart alerts is a great way to enhance communication. The alerts will notify you personally and your coworkers if the metrics start to change (rapidly rise or fall). If necessary, devtodev will send them straight to a designated Slack channel, and you will start working on the issue together.

Set up smart alerts metric changes
Screenshot from devtodev demo

As you can see, using an analytics platform such as devtodev can enable efficient professional communication between all the roles at the company. They can gain access to the necessary information, share that information with others, and comment on analytical widgets and dashboards. All of these greatly enhance collaboration within your team and make it more productive!

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