How to Analyze App and Game Subscriptions

How to Analyze App and Game Subscriptions

Analyze your subscription with devtodev — a unique analytics platform that allows you to collect subscription data from the App Store and Google Play and calculate all the vital statistics: trials, conversion to subscription and subscription renewals, retention of subscribers, revenue structure, and many more.

If you are new to devtodev analytics platform, please open Smart view -> Monetization -> Subscriptions in our free demo project. If you are an experienced user, simply open your Space and start engaging with subscription analytics.

If you want to use the subscription analytics feature of the devtodev platform, you first need to integrate the SDK version 2.1 or higher as described in the documentation and adjust some settings. It’s fast and easy (and you can pass on information using API afterwards). 

The subscriptions report has three sections — Overview, Structure, and Retention. Let’s go over all three of them.


The report includes several widgets with information on different aspects of the essential metrics of the app’s subscription monetization model.

The first widget named ‘Overview for selected period’ contains general information about metrics that you can use to track several key subscription indicators at once.

Mobile game app analytics subscriptions
Screenshot from devtodev demo

The following two graphs show your daily income flow and recurring gross, as well as the dynamics of active subscriptions and active trials of your app. You can use them to track any changes in your app and respond to them quickly.

Active subscriptions trials
Screenshot from devtodev demo

Next, you see a group of pie charts with information about Subscription gross, New subscribers, and the number of active subscriptions at the end of the selected period, broken down by the top-5 subscription bundles by gross.

Top subscriptions by gross
Screenshot from devtodev demo

The following widgets show daily dynamics of the number of new users, new trial users, subscribers, and their conversions.

Trial users subscribers analytics
Screenshot from devtodev demo

Below them you can see a funnel with aggregated information for the selected period —the data on new users and their conversion to subscribers (light blue funnel and data signatures), as well as data on conversion of new users to trial, and then to subscription (blue funnel and signatures). It also contains information about the median time required to move through each stage of the funnels.

Subscription conversion funnel
Screenshot from devtodev demo

These reports alone are able to give you a thorough understanding of the state of subscriptions. You can create similar widgets by using funnels (or the Basic metrics/Custom events/SQL reports), add any of the widgets to a dashboard and keep track of the metrics of your choice.


Use this report to run an in-depth analysis of the structure of subscriptions purchased by your users and the income earned from them.

Subscriptions gross structure usd
Screenshot from devtodev demo

Depending on the options selected in the ‘Group by’, the report will show you all the components of the metric of your choice:

  • Subscriptions bundle — with a breakdown by top subscriptions. 

  • Subscription state — with a breakdown by subscription status (new, renewed, reactivated, upgraded, downgraded, refund) and also you can see the opportunity losses here (the income lost because users didn’t renew their subscriptions that expired during this period).

Actually, there is more to this report because you have a choice from five metrics, or you can analyze a specific subscription only (monthly subscriptions, yearly subscriptions, etc.) or aggregate data and analyze it over time.

Number of subscriptions
Screenshot from devtodev demo


This report shows the influence of subscriptions on user retention, on how often they renew their subscriptions (Subscription retention).

Repeat subscriptions analytics mobile
Screenshot from devtodev demo

In the example above we see that in the first week of October 2021, 686 users purchased the first subscription, then 114 of them renewed it (with a conversion rate from the first to the second subscription of about 17%), then 9 of them renewed the subscription again (1.3% of the initial cohort).

The following metrics are available for analysis in the ‘Metric’ selector:

  • Activated subscriptions — the number of purchased subscriptions and the number of subsequent renewals.

  • Subscription conversion — the conversion into purchasing the Nth subscription. It is 100% for the first period, and for each renewal period, it equals the ratio of users who activated the Nth subscription to the number of users who bought the first subscription. 

  • Subscriptions gross — the amount of income earned from the first and renewed subscriptions.

How to Use it?

  • Track the number of subscriptions, conversions into subscribers, trials, revenue earned, and how changes in the product and your experiments influence them all.

  • Track subscription renewals, upgrades, downgrades, refunds and churns.

  • Find out the most profitable price plans and the price plan that leads to more subscription renewals and highlight them in the interface to improve your conversion into purchase rate.

  • Use subscription data to monitor Lifetime and LTV of different price plans which allows you, for example, to calculate the price of a discounted item that is profitable for the company and in the meantime attractive for the customer.

  • Build cohorts by the subscription state and identify the difference in behavior of unsubscribed users, trial users and subscribers. Using these data, you can improve user experience and increase conversion rates.

Read more about the subscription analytics section of the devtodev platform in our documentation.

Remember that you can get a hands-on experience with the analytic platform absolutely FREE!

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