Analyze 3 Revenue Sources: Ads, In-app purchases, and Subscriptions

Read our new step-by-step guide on how to analyze ads, in-app purchases and subscriptions using a real-world analytics platform
Analyze 3 Revenue Sources: Ads, In-app purchases, and Subscriptions

Analyze app revenue sources with Devtodev—a unique analytics platform that enables you to gather data on adds, in-app purchases, and subscriptions.

In case you run a free-to-play (f2p) or a subscription-based project, you only have three ways to earn revenue: through ads, in-app purchases, or subscriptions. Each revenue source has its own strengths, risks, and associated costs. It is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of the source or sources you use, always keeping an eye on them and finding ways to increase revenue.

Ad Monetization

Smart view -> Monetization -> Ad monetization

You can use this report to analyze common ad performance metrics that Devtodev obtains from ad networks: ad revenue, eCPM, impressions, average impressions per user, average impressions per session, and ad clicks per user.

Open the General report to get an overview of what’s going on with this revenue source:

Ad monetization
Screenshot from devtodev demo

You can combine the metrics in the Advanced report section. For example, analyze ad revenue by country:

Ad monetization countries
Screenshot from devtodev demo

Or ad ARPU of different ad networks:

Ad ARPU by network
Screenshot from devtodev demo

And so on. You can combine different metrics depending on the data you’re seeking.

If you implemented the ad monetization model, in this section you’ll find enough data to analyze, alter and improve your ad placements, types, etc.

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In-app Monetization

Smart view -> Monetization -> Conversion to payments

If your mobile app or game includes such a revenue source as in-app purchases, you can analyze them as well. Use basic events to gain a clear picture of how your users are enticed into a desired action, how many payments they make, how long it takes them to make a decision, etc.

Conversion to payment mobile app
Screenshot from devtodev demo

IIf you want to understand what users did before making a purchase, you can open the User flow report (in this case, you need to have custom events integrated): Smart view -> Engagement -> User flow:

Monetization flow chart user actions
Screenshot from devtodev demo


Devtodev has additional features for analyzing in-game purchases in even greater detail. Keep reading or jump straight to the last chapter!

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Smart view -> Monetization -> Subscriptions

Subscriptions are another revenue source that needs to be analysed.

In general, the report provides:

  • A comprehensive picture of your subscribers, including the number of new subscribers, the count of renewals, reactivations, etc., for the subscription.

Number of subscriptions
Screenshot from devtodev demo
  • The amount of money earned from subscriptions, broken down by type—whether it's a new subscription, a renewal of an existing one, etc. You can also determine the amount of revenue lost due to some people not renewing their subscription or requesting a refund. Alternatively, you can utilize other metrics from the Metrics list.
Subscription gross revenue
Subscription gross. Screenshot from devtodev demo


Refunded subscriptions analytics
Refunded subscriptions. Screenshot from devtodev demo
  • The subscription timeframe, i.e., the number of months the subscription is extended:
Subscription timeframe table analytics
Screenshot from devtodev demo

In fact, you can dig into more detail by simply changing either the subscription, metric, group by, or all of them at once.

In-app + Subscriptions (for games)

Smart view -> In-game analysis

This report is tailored for games, allowing you to analyze not only purchases in real currency but also the balance of in-game currency and purchases made with that virtual currency.

Use it to analyze in-app purchases and subscriptions simultaneously. Alternatively, open the drop-down menu in the top-right corner and select one of the two monetization models.

The report comprises four sections​:

  • Dashboard, where you can find the general overview: balance of currency, top purchases, most popular items, revenue by levels, etc.

Top levels by revenue game analytica
Screenshot from devtodev demo
  • Economy balance with the data on earned/bought coins:

Game economy balance
Screenshot from devtodev demo
  • Virtual goods and purchases:

Virtual goods purchases mobile game analytics
Screenshot from devtodev demo
  • And Game structure:
Paying users level game monetization analytics
Screenshot from devtodev demo

You don’t need to waste time on daily analysis because you can open the overview and get all the information you need.

With the right analytics tool, you can analyze all the revenue streams that your project generates. As you can see, Devtodev is one of the best options available in the market for mobile game and app analytics. It’s quick to implement, cost-effective, and easy to use!

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