Basic Retention Metrics

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Basic Retention Metrics

User retention metrics are crucial for app and game creators, offering valuable insights into the performance and engagement levels of their products. These metrics specifically focus on how frequently users interact with an app over a defined period, distinguishing them from acquisition metrics that primarily deal with new user attraction.

The reason retention metrics draw so much interest is that working with people who are already familiar with your product is easier and cheaper. If they stay with you, it means that they have at least a little bit of interest in your product. They have passed the acquisition stage and are now your target audience, so you don’t need to invest large sums of money in finding them. All you need to do is retain and monetize them. All of this can be done through analyzing specific metrics, which are available in analytics platforms such as Devtodev.

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Why Read this Book?

When we considered writing this book, we had several goals in mind: introduce both the general public and novice analysts to the concept of user retention, offer a comprehensive understanding of various retention metrics available to game and app developers. Additionally, our goal was to provide practical insights into the effective implementation of these metrics, leveraging the capabilities of the Devtodev platform.

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What Metrics do we Cover?

In this book, we provide you with a comprehensive overview as well as ways of calculating and improving the following retention metrics:

- Retention
- Average session length
- Total daily playtime
- Sticky factor
- Churn rate
- Lifetime

As a result, you will master all basic retention metrics, discover ways of calculating and using them and  learn some tips and tricks from Devtodev’s vast experience.

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