Basic Monetization Metrics

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Basic Monetization Metrics

Monetization refers to generating revenue from users who engage with a product or a service. Monetization strategies are essential throughout the entire lifespan of a product, from its initial launch to its continued growth.

User monetization is the next step after acquisition. Once users are onboarded, they become valuable assets as they contribute directly to the financial success of the business. Without a steady stream of revenue from users, it becomes challenging for any company to sustain its operations and continue providing valuable products or services.

The process of user monetization requires careful analysis and measurement of various metrics. Understanding the impact of the metric values and trends on revenue generation is pivotal for optimizing monetization strategies.

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Why Read this Book?

When we considered writing this book, we had several goals in mind: to introduce the general public and beginner analysts to the concept of user monetization, to provide a comprehensive understanding of different monetization metrics available to game and app developers, and to offer practical insights into their effective implementation using devtodev platform. 

What Metrics are Included?

In this book, we present a comprehensive overview as well as ways of calculating and improving the following monetization metrics:

- Paying conversion
- Paying users


- Cumulative ARPU
- Social LTV

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