Basic Acquisition Metrics

Download and read our free book on three crucial acquisition metrics - ROI, k-factor, and downloads. Learn about ways of calculating, using, and improving them.
Basic Acquisition Metrics

An acquisition in mobile products such as games and apps is the process by which those products acquire new users. Acquisition is crucial for the company during the entire product lifecycle - starting with the very first users who can be some friends and family of the team members through to the people who found your game or app not long before you decide to close the project.

The acquired users are valuable mainly because they are the revenue producers who keep the project afloat since no business can survive without money. Also, they give both positive and negative feedback on the product and therefore help you improve it.

All of these (acquired users, their impact on other metrics, the revenue they produce, etc.) you can analyze in the devtodev analytics platform.

Acquisition metrics book free

Why Read this Book?

When we considered writing a book on acquisition metrics, we had several goals in mind - to get general public and beginner analysts familiar with the very existence of such metrics, to provide information on ways to calculate and increase them, and to help them make the best out of the metrics in their routine workflow.

What Metrics do we Cover?

In this book, we give you an extensive overview of three acquisition metrics:

  • Downloads (and installs)

  • K-factor

  • ROI (return on investment)

Acquisition metrics book free

The book is absolutely FREE. Welcome to read and share it!

P.S. You can try to analyze user acquisition using a free devtodev demo project.

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