How to Analyze Promotional Activities in Games

Learn how to select the optimal timing and duration for promotion period, to define the type and amount of promotion, and how to derive the right conclusions when analyzing it.
How to Analyze Promotional Activities in Games

What is the Right Way to Analyze a f2p Game Promotion?

Game developers often make a few most common mistakes when they launch in-game promos and you need to avoid them if possible. So whenever you decide to run a promotion, you need to make sure that you earn money instead of losing it.

Read this Free Book if you Face the Following Issues with your Game

  • You want to run your first promotion in a free-to-play game but don’t know how to analyze its results.

  • You have run promotions several times but you see something always goes wrong and your financial results are far from exciting.

Ingame promotions book

All you Need to Know about Analysis of In-Game Promotions

  • Which items to promote and how to introduce the promotion

  • Important factors you need to take into consideration while running a promotion

  • Different types of in-game promotions and how to alternate between them to keep the game balance intact

  • The right way to analyse your previous promotions

  • Common mistakes in analysing previous promotions

In-game promotions book

We at devtodev have analyzed millions of in-game promotions and know everything about them. If you follow the advice given in this book, you greatly improve the quality of promotions in your free-to-play game and boost your income as a result!


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