Lifetime Value — the Most Important Performance Metric

Read a free ebook on Customer Lifetime Value and find out the five best ways of calculating it, the metrics it can influence, and how it helps your business grow and prosper
Lifetime Value — the Most Important Performance Metric

Lifetime value, or LTV, is the gross profit that a customer is expected to generate for your business in their lifetime. In-depth LTV analysis not only allows you to measure profitability over time but also identify valuable customer segments to retain them and even predict customer loyalty.

Unfortunately, many businesses ignore or underappreciate the LTV metric because it can be tricky to define and calculate. Meanwhile, devtodev team has plenty of knowledge about this metric and a lot of practical experience working with it. Therefore, we decided to put it all together and create one book that will answer most of your questions, such as:

  • What lifetime value is and why you need to get familiar with it

  • What metrics it influences

  • How LTV helps your business grow and prosper

  • How to measure it (three easy methods and two difficult ones)

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How can it Help your Business?

  • CEOs and founders can become more data savvy and make informed decisions based on numbers.

  • Sales and marketing departments can use LTV to find the most attractive set of users, and decide how much they can spend on attracting and retaining each cohort.

  • Developers can improve their general understanding of the product.

  • Product teams can understand what users like and dislike and focus on creating new features or even products.

  • And finally, analysts use the Lifetime value metric to assess test results.

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