Solve in-game problems

With devtodev, you can build dozens of out-of-the-box reports designed to analyze every aspect of the game and highlight its bottlenecks.

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See how your players pass levels and locations

With our Game Structure reports, you can measure the percentage of users who stopped playing your game on a particular level and how many users never reach Level 10 when your main metagame starts.

You can analyze user funnels by player levels or in-game locations, gain insights into level complexity and then launch events and promote offers to retain your users and keep them in the game longer.

Calculate your revenue by levels

Find out when your players convert into paying users, which virtual goods they purchase and how changes in game balance influence the share of paying users and your revenue.

Monitor virtual goods and find out which of them your users prefer to buy more

Keep an eye on your offers and in-game events influence the consumer basket, revenue and sales of virtual goods, compare various bundles and get to know what your players like to buy.

Analyze in-game currency balance

Get to know how users get and spend in-game currency by levels, try to increase Retention and Paying Share by changing the price of the most important virtual goods that are necessary to pass the level.

Make sure that your game tutorial is good

Maybe there are stages that are so boring that your players skip them and therefore miss on learning the main game mechanics?

In devtodev’s Tutorial Analysis report, you can look into the churn rate at every stage of your tutorial, how many users start, complete and/or skip the tutorial.

Find out how your players complete the tutorial

How much faster do those users who finished the tutorial pass the game levels? Do they the understand main mechanics and game cycles better and therefore come back into the game more often? How do they compare to those who skipped the tutorial?

To know all that, you need to create a custom user segment and analyze metrics, view funnels and reports for that particular user segment.