The most powerful tool to re-engage your users

Send the right message or discount at
the right time using push notifications

Composing new push-delivery doesn't require any special skills
  • Define texts, sounds and images
  • Set special custom parameters
  • Select countries, languages and time zones
Segment audience for messaging by the following data:
  • First launch date
  • Paying/non-paying user
  • Frequency of usage and certain actions in the app
  • Device model
  • Version of the app

New superfast engine

Even a huge amount of push notifications will be delivered as fast as scheduled

Plan your campaigns in advance by setting push notifications delivery date and time
Make the segmentation based on the dates of users activity
Build smart, user-friendly campaigns by setting message triggers, languages and time zones
Send your messages either to all or selected app users
Experiment with different messages for those who pay and those who do not
Contact those users who did not open your app for a long time

Send messages directly from your server to any user, it is easy
with our push notifications API

Review the stats on number of delivered messages
Track further actions of the users who received push notifications via powerful devtodev analytical tool

Efficiency control
and analysis

Analytics shows the efficiency of each
push-notification campaign and allows
to analyze the audience reaction to it

Communicate with your customers in the most effective way
and for the lowest price on the market.

Create your first push notifications campaign now

About devtodev

devtodev is a full-cycle analytics solution developed by games industry professionals specifically for game developers that helps you convert players into paying users, improve in-game economics, predict churn, revenue and customer lifetime value, as well as analyze and influence user behavior.