Monitor your performance

Evaluate traffic sources that you use to acquire users and measure your metrics in real time to always know how they behave in your app or game.

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Set up smart alerts and never miss changes in your project

You shouldn’t be scared by missing any breaking metric change — we will notify you. When you use devtodev, you don’t have to log into the analytics system everyday to check the main metrics and build reports.

You can set up smart alerts for your main metrics and devtodev will send the notifications via Slack/email to let you know that your metrics are too high or too low.

Keep an eye on the daily metrics bar

devtodev regularly updates the main metrics on the notification bar of the Overview dashboard.

There you can see how the daily metrics change compared to the previous day.

Measure your metrics in real time

Learn when your metrics change and make sure that’s because of the latest changes, for example, a new update or ad campaign.

In devtodev, you can monitor metrics in real time and check how your changes influence user behavior to make sure you react accordingly.

Evaluate your traffic sources and choose the most effective ones

Find out which traffic channels are the most popular, how cost effective they are and optimize your ad campaigns based on that data.

Calculate and monitor user retention

User retention is one of the key metrics as it potentially may influence project monetization. devtodev’s Retention report displays all the most important retention metrics in dynamics which allows you to compare how different parameters changed with the product updates or when changing the traffic structure.

At devtodev, we calculate retention not only by calendar days, but by 24-hour intervals to make your retention data even more precise.

Get to know your active audience

Try devtodev’s Audience Structure report to check which share of your DAU comes from the users who installed your app or game last week or last month and compare their monetization metrics and how they changed throughout time.

Find out where your users churn

If you know when your users are more likely to churn, you can fix those bottlenecks in your project and stop your users from uninstalling your app or game.

With devtodev’s Churn Rate report, you can see the churn shares by day for different cohorts of users.