Get insights from all sources

Collect various data from everywhere and build customizable dashboards available for the whole team to make decisions faster and grow your products.

App traffic analysis - solution for f2p games – photo 1

Analyze user behavior in the app and stay tuned with your audience

Use API or SDK to monitor user actions in the app and identify bottlenecks, steps with high drop-off rate, and monetization issues.

Connect App Stores to measure and compare the main metrics from there.

Get data from attribution trackers and ad networks

Integrate data from attribution trackers and ad network platforms: Adjust, Branch.io, Kochava, Tenjin, AppsFlyer, Tune.

Measure the incoming traffic performance based on general traffic metrics and user behavior in the app. Also, you will be able to compare ad revenue by networks and countries.

Collect and analyze all information on dashboards

On dashboards, you can easily collect any data on several projects.

It gives you an opportunity to react to changes in user behavior decisively and saves time as you won’t need to open separate reports to analyze them.

Share the most meaningful updates via Slack

Keep your colleagues informed about the key metrics and send custom reports built in the Report Master through your team channel in Slack.

It will allow you to share the most important information quickly and discuss it right away without making reports.