Drill down into data

Slice and dice any kind of raw data, build queries, export reports, and get even more insights into your user journeys and behavior.

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Create queries, work with raw data, and build charts

Are you used to evaluating everything by yourself, calculating every metric with your own analytic expression, and building your own custom reports? With devtodev, you can access all of the data that you sent to our platform and build SQL queries to get any reports you need.

Moreover, you can easily create different charts to visualize the campaign results and show them to your colleagues.

Segment and filter your audience campaigns to get more detailed insights

Who influences the gross most? Why has ARPU decreased? Segmentation and filters will help you answer these questions and more.

You can easily apply one of the many default filters to any report and see the behavior of a specific group of users that converted from your campaigns, or you can create your custom segment of users to check their actions and metrics.

Investigate user activity

Analytical reports allow us to see the whole picture and find weak points of the app campaigns, but sometimes we need to find out why exactly users behave this way.

In this case, we need to see the actions of particular users and learn their ways of finding and then using the app. This detailed information and all user journeys and actions are available in the Users section of devtodev, where you can explore tricky issues.

Find the bottlenecks and potential growth points

Using Funnels might be the easiest and most effective way to find out where users don’t convert or just churn.

Build a marketing funnel with the most important steps of the customer journey to define which ones need to be revised to save more users and let them pass ahead.

Analyze user journeys and actions

Measure all meaningful actions your users perform. This way, you’ll be able to understand their journeys better, influence their experiences, and make them more powerful and smoother.

Using the Custom Events report in devtodev, you can define the most frequent user actions, which sections users visit, as well as merge different parameters of the event, and much more.