Analyze user behavior

Make sure you know what your users do throughout their entire journey and experience.

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Investigate the most common user journeys for your game and app

User flow is a simple and beautiful tool to investigate paths users take.

In devtodev’s User Flow report, you can build the sequence of events before and after the chosen event, for example, you can see what campaigns attract players, what players do before joining a clan, or how your users behave after making a purchase.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

For example, you had a few ad campaigns that were launched at different times with different target audiences and for different amounts of time.

Create user segments and build funnels

With devtodev, you can also build user funnels based on particular event sequences, create audience segments from any steps of the funnel, and analyze those segments in devtodev Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, or In-game reports.

Measure those users who were interested in your special offer, then checked the offer in the in-game store and watched the ad without buying anything just to get a free bonus. After creating a user segment with those users, you can offer them something exclusive and probably more relevant.

Dig deeper into user behavior and study your audience in more detail

You can view the campaign parameters, sessions and events, purchases of certain users, and measure patterns of cheater behavior.

To evaluate their effectiveness, you need to divide your users into cohorts by any parameter that you can think of and analyze how they downloaded your app, arrive, behave, spend their money, and convert into campaign goals that you’ve set for them.

Easily compare behavior of different audiences

For example, you’d like to compare users from the US who have an iPhone X and came via ads on Facebook with users from China who have an iPad.

To do that, you simply need to set up custom filters and analyze custom user segments for those audiences.