With customer support outsourcing you can

  • Improve game experience and inspire brand loyalty
  • Boost player engagement and retention
  • Increase conversion to payment rate
  • Ensure 5-star ratings and great reviews
  • Filter feedback and facilitate troubleshooting

Why choose devtodev’s
customer support outsourcing

Our ultimate goal is to build effective relationships between developers and players. We work hand in hand with you to solve players’ problems and make sure that every single one of them is heard. So you can focus on what you do best — creating amazing games.

With devtodev you get

  • Experience in games industry: providing customer support since 2012
  • Quality standards and effective communication strategies
  • Professional support training system for our team
  • Fast and easy scaling to meet the requirements
  • Personal manager for your project
  • Tailored API for in-depth customer support solutions
  • Proficient operating knowledge of the helpdesk systems
  • Flexible pricing adjusted for your needs

About our team

  • Processing over 100,000 tickets every month
  • Have been supporting 100+ projects in various genres:
    from Match3 to MMORPG
  • Working with users worldwide 24/7
  • Speaking English, German, Spanish, Russian
  • Creating and supporting knowledge bases (FAQs)
  • Supporting all the major platforms: iOS, Google Play, Windows, and other
About devtodev

devtodev is a full-cycle analytics solution developed by games industry professionals specifically for game developers that helps you convert players into paying users, improve in-game economics, predict churn, revenue and customer lifetime value, as well as analyze and influence user behavior.