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If you struggle with any of these issues:
  • your application doesn't earn enough money;
  • users leave your app without making a payment;
  • the number of downloads grows very slowly;
  • traffic does not pay off
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Our highly qualified
analysts will:

  • make market analysis for you and match your application with the market;
  • help you to find bottlenecks (the weak points) and give recommendations on how to deal with them;
  • help you with the integration;
  • tell you how not to overpay for traffic and get more users for less money;
  • correct your application growth strategy to increase your revenue;
  • answer any of your questions about analytics.
Analytical assistance
We offer:
  • Metrics analysis and benchmarking. We teach you how to make decisions based on your data, its dynamics, and market situation.
  • Hypotheses production. We help you to articulate the right question and to answer it during correct experiment.
  • Project changes analysis. We examine how an application update affected the metrics and give you recommendations for future changes.
  • Traffic analysis. We inspect your traffic sources and provide you with recommendations for traffic channels optimization.
Also we will:
Also we will:
  • Help to choose the best way of devtodev integration;
  • Teach you how to create the cohorts and how to set custom user segments;
  • Explain how to choose events for tracking;
  • Set up the push notifications for your project and analyze them;
  • Build custom reports and dashboards for your team.
  • Answer any analytical question you have about metrics, data analysis, user experience, market studies, etc.
  • Spend at least 5 hours analyzing your game project to ensure its deepest understanding.
Requires integration with devtodev
Doesn’t require integration with devtodev
  • Weekly analytical reports in Google Drive;
  • Push-notifications, reports and dashboards, segments, cohorts in devtodev system;
  • Skype/phone calls on the results of the reports (1 hour per week).
  • Analytical reports in Google Drive;
  • Skype/phone calls on the results of the reports.
Sources for Analysis
Sources for Analysis
  • Metrics in devtodev system;
  • Product examination;
  • Project documentation.
  • Metric values received from you;
  • Product examination;
  • Project documentation.

We are here to find the solution

Ask for assistance