Integration Status form is the place where you can see whether your integration is done or not.

On the General Data form you can:

  • change the application name;
  • upload the application picture;
  • change the market link;
  • change the revenue rate (usually the market commission is 30%, so revenue rate equals to 0.7, but if you have different terms, you can change it here.

Press the "Edit" button to start changing the settings.



Integration section shows you everything you need to make a successful integration: current integration statuses for each part, all the passwords and the secret keys.



SDK Log section is useful when you need to have the raw data. Here you can download all the data types you need (find the data types in "Events" list).

Test devices

In Test Devices section you can manage the list of devices you use to test your integration. You will need to enter devtodev udid and Device ID to add the device to the list.


Market Log

Market Log section shows you the list that contains last 100 requests to the app store server.

You can use this section to track the capability of market integration.



In the Access section you can give access to your data to different users.

Here you can:

  • manage the user list (add user, delete user from the list);
  • change the user roles (each role has a special functionality in devtodev);
  • give to access to metrics (for example, you can hide financial metrics from some developers).


Custom Settings

Custom settings section allows you to group applications in reports by definite custom attribute. 

For instance, it can be project manager name or creation date. Any type of grouping the application can be set right here. Press the "Add custom settings" to add the data.



History section is a log of changes in the integration. Any changes you did (such as creating of application, changing the name or password, giving the access, changing the revenue rate and so on) will be shown here.

Delete Application

This section allows you to erase the application and all its data from the devtodev database. All collected data from analytics and ad network will be deleted. Also all application unique keys will be erased and data recovery will be impossible.

So are you sure?

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