How to set the access settings?

Here you can read about devtodev access settings in details.

When does SDK send events to devtodev?

SDK sends events:

  • 2 minutes after the previous sending;
  • when 10 events are accumulated in the current package;
  • after the next SDK initialization;
  • (only on native platforms iOS & Android SDK 1.10 and later & Windows SDK 1.6 and later) at the moment of closing/minimizing the app

depending on what happened earlier.

How to create the user segments?

First, let's add them. Press the Settings button and find the Custom segment, it is usually in the bottom of menu. If you don't have the Custom events, ask the owner of your space to give you the access to it.

Here you can add the custom segment with many filters and conditions such as:

  • registration date;
  • paying indicator;
  • rare / regular / frequent use;
  • country;
  • custom events.

After the segment creation we will need 24 hours to calculate the data for it. 


How often does the data on dashboards refresh?

Every 5 minutes.


How does the 3rd Party Attribution section work?

We take the data from AppsFlyer, TUNE (MAT) and Adjust, so in the Acquisition section we can show the data we get from them. There you can compare the effectiveness of different traffic sources by retention, ROI values, by ARPU and Paying conversion etc.

You can also add the different views of data there: by country, by campaign and sub-campaign, by publisher and sub-publisher, by sub-site, sub ad group, sub placement etc.


What is the difference between 3rd Party Attribution and Advertise sections?

In the Acquisition section you can analyze the incoming traffic, in the Advertise section you can promote your app by placing the ad in another app, and then analyze the results of this promotion.


Which advantages does devtodev.com have for me as a game developer?

We have the Game metrics reports where you can get the detailed data for the most popular IAP, for tutorial steps and its churn, for the currency balance and number of users by level.


What is the difference between Custom events report and Conversion funnel report?

In the Custom events you get the report of the number of each event appearances independently of each other.

In the Conversion funnel report the sequence is important: if you set the A, B, C steps, then first you will get the number of users who executed the A event, then the number of users who executed both A and B events, then the number of users who executed A, B and C events during the selected period.

Acquisition Example