Integration with Google Play. Adding Google Play Developer Console account with limited access.

Please consider that you can add Google Play account to devtodev only if it faces following restrictions: 

  • Entered e-mail and password must belong to Google Play sub-account with Finance access level (it's better to create separate account for devtodev)
  • "2-step verification" and "mobile phone recovery" functions for the account must be turned off

Follow this step-by-step to set up Google Play account and link it to your devtodev account:

Step 1 — Sign in

Sign into the Google play developer console

Step 2 — Managing Users
From the User accounts & rights settings, you can add users and manage their permissions

  • Click «Settings»
  • Select «User accounts & rights»
  • Click «Invite New User»

Step 3 — Add New User
Enter new user e-mail address and make sure that you have set access level “Finance”

Step 4 — Activate new account 
After adding new user Google automatically sends an e-mail to validate new account.
Click the link from the letter and follow further instructions.

Step 5 — Turn off the recovery options
Log into your sub account and open Security settings page.
Make sure that 2-step verification is disabled otherwise turn it off.

Step 6 — Add connection to devtodev 

You can use the Google Play Developer Console account created:

  • To add the new applications published in Google Play to devtodev system.


  • To integrate the previously added project with Google Play Developer Console.

Notice: Google may require additional information to verify this action (recovery e-mail, city you usually sign in, tel number...) because we are connecting with new device and location. 
Devtodev doesn't collect this data.

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