Integration with iTunes. Adding iTunes Connect account with limited access.

Before a company can use devtodev services, it must first agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Even though we take your privacy seriously and use your App Store Connect account to collect only relevant sales data, you can ensure the security of your data by setting up a separate App Store Connect account, just for devtodev. 

Follow this step-by-step to set up an App Store Connect account and link it to your devtodev account.

Step 1 – Sign in

Sign into the App Store Connect page at

Step 2 – Manage Users

Click on Users and Roles option. 
The team agent can create the additional users or can create a user with an Admin role who can create additional users.

Step 3 – iTunes Connect Users and Roles

Select App Store Connect User bookmark.

Click "+" button.
If the button doesn’t appear, you don’t have access to create App Store Connect users. The team agent, or an Admin user, needs to create the new user or update your roles to allow you to create new users.

Step 4 —  Add New User

Fill in all required fields and click Next button.
The address specified must be valid to activate the account; the user receives an email as a confirmation.

Step 5 - Select the roles

Roles give access to App Store Connect modules. Check "Finance", “Sales” and "Reports"  and press “Next”

You can learn more about App Store Connect roles on

Step 6 -  Notification types

Select the notification types assigned to this user by territory.
Notifications specify which email alerts a user receives. You can set notifications by the type of change and by the territories that the change affects.
You can learn more about notification types on

Step 7 — Activate new account

The new user receives an email from the App Store that includes a link to activate the account.
Fill in and save the password information for the sales only account.


Step 8 – Add App Store Console connection to devtodev

You can use the App Store Console account created:

  •          To add the new applications published in App Store to devtodev system.‚Äč
  • To integrate the previously added project with App Store Connect.
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