Windows Phone 8 Analytics Integration

Attention! The support of the SDK for this platform has been suspended!

To integrate your application with devtodev system you will have to perform the following actions:

  • add the application to the Space using the wizard of adding application;

  • download the latest version of devtodev SDK;

  • integrate SDK into your application. The integration may be whether partial or including all the possibilities.

Adding application to the Space

If you haven't add any apps, follow this step-by-step guide to add a new one:

Adding new app

You must have “Admin” role in the Space to be able to add new apps.

If you have aforesaid rights than “ADD APPLICATION” button will be displayed in “MY APPS” tab.


After clicking it you'll get into the wizard for adding application.

Choosing platform

Depending on the chosen platform and the app store, you'll be suggested to choose one of available connection types (integration with developer account available only for Apple App Store and Google Play).

Filling in app details

This step will be available if you have chosen SDK integration (without app market connection). Fill in app name and upload its icon (optional).

Unique keys for SDK integration

As soon as all necessary fields are filled in, new app will be added to your space.

At the last step you get App ID and the Secret key. This is necessary for integrating analytic SDK into your application. Also you can download SDK files and instructions here.

Later, unique keys can be found in the application settings (“My apps” →App Name → “Settings” → “Integration”), all SDK files and instructions are stored in DOWNLOADS.

Adding SDK into the application

Attention: You have to enable ID_CAP_IDENTITY_DEVICE and ID_CAP_NETWORKING in Capabilities Tab of WMAppManifest.xml for correct SDK's work.

  1. Download the latest version of devtodev SDK from the "Downloads” section.

  2. To start working with the SDK, add the d2d-core.dll to the project references

  3. Initialize the library at Application Launching event
 * <param name="appKey">App ID</param>
 * <param name="appSecret">Application secret key</param>

DevToDev.SDK.Initialize(string appKey, string appSecret);


DevToDev.SDK.Initialize("3f2504e0-4f89-11d3-9a0c-0305e82c3301", "a8f5f167f44f4964e6c998dee827110c");


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