Conversion funnel

Conversion Funnel report allows you to create conversion funnels based on sequence of custom events. Get the statistics on the number of unique users initiated the event appearance.

To create the report you need to first integrate two or more custom events. Please find the information about Custom Events integration and appliance here.

After the Custom Events are integrated, you can build the Conversion Funnel report. To launch the report select up to 20 steps by pressing the "Add step" button. The sequence here is important: if you set the A, B, C steps, then first you will get the number of users who executed the A event, then the number of users who executed both A and B events, then the number of users who executed A, B and C events during the selected period.

To specify the value of some parameter of a step, press the "Add parameter" button on the right of the step selected, choose the parameter and set the condition of the value. Control the date range of events appearances in the chart by modifying the date range menu on the top right of the page. Press the "View result" button after the event selected.

The number of unique users initiated the appearance of events at the chosen time period is presented in the vertical axis of the chart.

You can also set the time limit between two steps ("Step time limit" check button), make the step optional ("Optional" check button; in this case two funnels will be built: with the step and without it) and include users who have not passed the step instead of those who have passed it ("Not" check button).

To select a custom segment or set the filter to language, country or some custom segment, press the "Add segment" button on the top right of the page.

Find below the Detailed report with the user conversion for each of the values of the chosen first step event parameters.

Attention! The Detailed report is available only for string value parameters.

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