The Retention section consists of three different reports:

  1. Retention rate;
  2. Posting activity;
  3. Social network connections.

Retention rate

This report shows the retention rates for the first 28 days of users' activity. Here we talk about the classic retention where only users who came back precisely on Day 28 are considered retained.

Select the date period, and then set one or two different number of days to calculate the retention.

Use the labels to highlight the periods you want to pay attention to.

Here you can also see the detailed view of retention in a table with a conditional formatting.


If you need to know how to calculate retention, you're welcome to watch the video below.

Here is what you will find out from the video:

1. What is the retention and how it is measured.  Review of existing retention calculation methods. 
2. What is the perfect retention? Examples from the industry. 
3. What determines the retention? Free / paid traffic, different platforms, even the days of week. 
4. What depends on retention. How retention is connected with another KPI and primarily KPI. 
5. How to improve retention? Different cases from those projects who increased their retention values. 

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