Custom postback API.

We created special custom postback API endpoint to allow our customers integrate trackers we didn't have impemented yet. You need your project's API Key which can be obtained by going to Settings -> Integration section in Application menu.


The endpoint accepts request in either GET or POST form. Examples:



Field formats

  • string: ordinary text string
  • uuid: identifiers with following format 0123456789ab-cdef-0123-456789abcde
  • country: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
  • number: float number (99.99)

Field list

Field Type Required Description
install_timestamp time optional Install time, defaults to event time
click_timestamp time optional Click time, defaults to install time
publisher_name string required Source
campaign_name string optional Campaign
campaign_id string optional Campaign identifier
country_code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 optional Country
s_publisher_name string optional Sub-publisher
s_publisher string optional Sub-publisher identifier
s_campaign_name string optional Sub-campaign
s_campaign string optional Sub-campaign identifier
s_site_name string optional Sub-site
s_site string optional Sub-site identifier
s_adgroup_name string optional Sub-ad group
s_adgroup string optional Sub-ad group identifier
s_ad_name string optional Sub-ad
s_ad string optional Sub-ad identifier
s_keyword_name string optional Keyword
s_placement_name string optional Placement
device_model string optional Device model
device_brand string optional Device brand
event_name string fixed value I.e. install
cost number, USD optional Cost per install (CPI)
id string optional Unique install identifier usually used by trackers to prevent duplicate installs (if exists)

At least one of the following identifiers should exist in request:

ios_ifa uuid at least one  
ios_ifv uuid at least one  
os_id string at least one  
google_aid uuid at least one  
windows_aid uuid at least one  
user_id string at least one Custom in-game user id. You can apply it if it's set in setUserId SDK method.


Example request


  "install_timestamp": "2019-01-02 18:01:23",
  "click_timestamp": "2019-01-02 18:01:01",
  "publisher_name": "Publisher",
  "campaign_name": "Campaign",  
  "country_code": "US",
  "s_campaign_name": "Advertising campaign name",
  "s_site_name": "Advertisement site",
  "s_adgroup_name": "Ad group",
  "s_ad_name": "Ad",
  "device_model": "Pixel 4",
  "device_brand": "Google",
  "google_aid": "0123456789ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef",
  "cost": 0.12
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