Main metrics

Main metrics section allows you to analyze all the metrics of users' activity, monetization & market metrics. Select the date range of analysis in the top right of the form.

You can analyze the metrics values either for the whole set of users or for different segments.

Press "Add segment" button above the chart.

Here you can add filters by app versions, channels, countries, devices, install dates, languages and paying capacity (paying / non-paying, whales / dolphins / minnows).

You can also compare two different segments with each other. After you selected first segment, press the "Add segment" button right above the chart and add the filters to second user segment.

There is a chart in the middle of the form. You can select up to two metrics to show on the plot. If the units of measure differ from each other, then the second metric will be shown on the secondary axis.

Above the chart you will find the menu where you can change the chart type (plot, stack graph or bar chart).

Here you can also change the aggregation period (day, week, month or year).

Also above the chart you can add the trend to your chart, turn the line into cumulative or compare the values with the different period of time.

In the bottom of the form you can see the distribution of selected metrics by app version, countries, device, language and paying capacity.


Cumulative ARPU