Data migration via API

If you have some data on your server or another analytics platform, and you don't want to lose it, devtodev offers you data migration via API. Please read the documentation about it.

Some important notes:

1. User ID used during data migration should be then used when working with our SDK. You can use:

  • advertising ID (we use it by default);
  • custom user ID; in this case you will have to send it via SDK.

2. You will have to use the hidden setting of our API: it records data not with the date when it was received, but with the date when the event was performed (by default, data is recorded with time when it was received). In this case you need to add an option object to the top level of JSON:

	"options": {
		"use_specified_time": true
	"user ID": {

Now you can create a test application and try data migration via API.

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