How to check integration

The standard way to check the integration of devtodev is in 'Settings' -> 'SDK log':

'SDK log' shows you data from raw data that we receive. 

Please note that different types of events require different time to appear in the log:

  • basic events (such as sessions, payments, in-app purchases, and so on) usually appear within 1 minute;
  • custom events appear after 10 minutes.

If you need to check data that devtodev receives from AppStore / Google Play, then go to 'Settings' -> 'App store logs'. Here you will see all data we get from the store.

You can also go to 'My Apps' -> 'Users'.

There you can find any specific user and detailed information about them.

Please note that the delay of data in the 'Users' section can be up to 20 minutes.

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