Integration of games where levels go in sequence

Game features:

  1. Players gain experience while playing the game, and when they reach a certain point they are assigned the next level. Levels go in sequence: the 5th level is followed by the 6th level, the 6th level is followed by the 7th level, etc.

  2. There are different bonuses / items in the game, which make it easier for players to pass the game. These bonuses can be received for good results or bought for in-game currency.

  3. The in-game currency, in its turn, can be bought for real money

Here are some remarks on how to track such games in devtodev:

  1. All reports in the 'Revenue research' section become accessible after the integration of the basic Payment event. This event is sent when players buy in-game currency or bonus / item for real money.    

  2. The In-App Purchases event should be used for tracking how players buy game bonuses and items for in-game currency.

  3. When players gain experience and move to the next level, you need to send the Levelling Up event.    

  4. Purchases made by players are assigned to the level on which a particular purchase is made.

Here is the table with reports and information, which they can show when the events are integrated correctly.






Users by level


Levelling Up



How users are distributed among levels


At which points many users leave the project


Revenue of a particular level


ARPU of a particular level


How many users pay on a particular level        


Levelling Up

In-App Purchases        

Which items are the most popular in the game on a particular level

Currency balances by level


Levelling Up

In-App Purchases

Currency Accrual


What amount of in-game currency (bonuses, gold, etc.) is on players accounts


How much in-game currency is bought, earned and spent by players on a particular level


Purchases by level


Levelling Up



What in-app purchases for real money players make on a particular level    


It may happen that players move to one of the previous levels (for example, they reach the 20th level, lose their life and return to the last saved moment, which is on the 17th level). In such cases you should send the setCurrentLevel event, and all purchases made by players as well as currency balances will be attributed to the level, on which they are made.

Case: Match-3 games
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