Labels section allows you to manage time labels whish are shown on another reports from My apps


There are two types of displaying. 

In calendar view you can see the calendar where you can see the labels by weeks and months.

In table view you see the list of the created labels and their parameters.

To add the new label press the "Add label" button or (in calendar view) click on the specific day and select the time interval. 

When adding the new label you need to set:

  • label name (up to 10 symbols, otherwise it will be not so convenient to see the labels in the reports);
  • description (here you can set all the additional info, you'll see it in table view);
  • category (there are 3 preset categories: Event, Offer & Update, but if you need to add the new one, you can press the button with gear-wheel, and the form with the stats by categories which also allows to add the new category, will be shown);
  • duration (here you can set the duration of label, minimum value is 1 day).

You can filter the list of labels by pressing the "All categories" drop-down and selecting the categories you need. 

And don't forget that you can export all the data about labels by pressing the "Export" button.