Performance report shows the most important KPI of the project:

  • DAU (number of unique users visited the project during the day);
  • New users (number of unique users who visited the project for the first time this day);
  • Gross (money amount paid by users this day);
  • ARPU (average revenue per user; ARPU is calculated as Gross/DAU and shows how much money you get from one average user this day);
  • day-1 retention (% of users who visited the app 1 day after the first visit);
  • day-7 retention (% of users who visited the app 7 days after the first visit).

The report also shows the dynamics of each metric for the last 30 days, and the aggregated values, so you can easily compare the performance of previous day with the last month.

Finally, this report shows the distribution of key parameters by countries, devices etc. So, you can see the top values for every important metric.

Custom Segmentation