Custom Segmentation

Custom Segmentation

All the reports and dashopards can be built for as the whole audience as for the custom segments. And here you can add or change the custom segments you need.

Attention! The could be up to 50 custom user segments per project.

Press the "Add Segment" button to start adding the new set of users.

Here you can apply some filters for the custom segment you'd like to separate:

  • User first launch date;
  • Usage: rare / regular / frequent. You can set yourself what do you call rare, regular and frequent usage by pressing the "Edit" button and moving the blue circles on the form.

  • Custom event performance. You can separate only users who perform some event or who perform it with some parameter value. For example, you can build a segment of users who skipped the tutorial or the users who passed it for 3 minutes. Read more how to set up the custom events.
  • Country.
  • Language.

And don't forget to set the segment name here.