SQL Wizard

SQL Wizard allows you to create SQL-like queries to devtodev data about your project.

Press "Add column" to start editing your query.

First you need to select the columns for your report. 

Here you can select the data of:

  • user (install date, country, app version etc.);
  • basic events (such as sessions, payments & purchases, levelups, tutorial steps)
  • custom events (any parameters of any custom event that you've integrated).

After you select the columns, the body of query is created. All the connections between tables are set, but you can change it if you need.

Drag & drop column names to reorder them in the report. Also if you need to use some aggregate function (AVG, MAX, MIN etc.), press the down arrow button right to the column name and select the function from the list.

To add the conditions over your query press "Add conditions" button and then add rules (or groups of rules and logical operations between them) by pressing "Add rule" / "Add group" buttons. 

Finally, you can set the order of lines in the report by filling the "Order by" condition. 

The query is ready now!

Press "View result" to start executing your query.

The results of your query will be shown in the table below.

Please note that only 200 lines are shown, but you can get all the data by downloading it in csv format.

You can save this query to use it again in the future by pressing "Save template" button.

Custom events
In-game analysis