Users report allows you to see the activity of real users in real time. 

You see the table with users ID, install date, last seen (how many minutes / hours / days ago user was seen online last time), paying capacity (non-paying / minnow / dolphin / grand doplhin / whale / grand whale), country, language and token.

You can filter users by adding the conditions to some user properties. Press "Select properties" to set the condition, "Add filter" to add the new condition and "View result" to see the new user table.

Click on any string in the table to see the detailed user profile. It consists of: 

  • basic properties (the list of standart properties that can be sent through SDK);
  • custom properties (any additional parameters that might be added by you during the integration).

For paying users you can also see the statistics of all payments they made:

Also you can see the stats of last 30 events performed by the separate user (excluding in-app purchases, changes of user data and tutorial steps) by days and time. Press the "Last user activity" tab to see the history of events.

You can also send the push-notifications to selected users. Select one or many users in the table and press the "Push" button.

You will be redirected to the push-notification campaign editor where the audience is already predefined.

If you want to save some users template to use it in push-notification campaigns regularly, you can save it as template by pressing "Save template" button.

This template will be added to the push-notification campaign editor, and you'll be able to select it when creating the campaign.

 You can export either the users table (first 1000 lines) or the specific user profile by pressing the "Export" button 

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