This report shows the number of payments and the total revenue by paying users. Select the user install date and you will see the report showing the distribution of paying users by number of their payments and the total gross they bring. It is also possible to select any user segment just press the "All users" button and select the segment you need. For example, in this report you can see that 500 users pay large amounts frequently, their last payment was week ago and they bring 20% of gross.


  • payed recently - last payment was 1 to 7 days ago;
  • payed a while ago - last payment was 8 to 30 days ago;
  • payed long time ago - last payment was more than 30 days ago;


  • pay frequently - one payment per 7 days or more frequently;
  • pay sometimes - one payment per 8 to 30 days;
  • pay rarely - more rare than 1 payment per 30 days;
  • only one payment - only one payment;

Monetary (we calculated the cumulative money amount per every paying user and ordered it from highest to lowest):

  • high - top20% of paying users;
  • medium - top20%-top50% of paying users;
  • low - bottom half of paying users.

Filter the users by the date of their first session by pressing the Install date.

You can also filter the users by another parameters (app version, country, device, traffic channel etc.) by pressing "All users" button and adding the filters there.

The report will show the distribution of your paying users and total gross by the RFM sub-segments.

Users&gross structure
Paying activity