LTV Forecast

LTV Forecast page looks pretty simple, but in fact there are complicated calculations on the backend of this page.

Here you need to select the install dates interval on the top left. It will constraint the dates of users' first visit of the application. And then the forecast will be calculated.

Please note that Red line on the plot is the benchmark LTV (it is not the forecast, it is just the reference value calculated on the similar projects from devtodev database).

Blue line is the fact values of cumulative ARPU from your users. It shows how much money is brought to the project from one active user after 1, 2, ..., N days from the first visit. 

And the dashed blue line is the mathematical estimation (forecast) of cumulative ARPU after N days in the future. According to devtodev assumptions, LTV is the estimated cumulative ARPU after 360 days from the first visit.

Please note that devtodev can provide you with the benchmark and forecast values from the very first day since the data is in our database. And the more days passed, the more correct the prediction is.

Here are some examples of LTV forecasting:

Export raw data
Revenue research