Export raw data

If you'd like to process data by yourself, you can export the raw data from devtodev. 

To do this, press the "Export raw data" button in "My Apps" menu.

Press the "Add new report" button on the top of the page to start creating the report to export.


Adding the report

First, select the time frame for the report. Please note that time period is limited by 90 days.

 Then choose the events you need to download. Press "Add type" button and mark the types of the events you need.

You have to select at least one point to proceed further.

Please note that if you select "Custom event", another form will be opened where you have to mark all the custom events you'd like to export. Press the "Add events" button to start selecting custom events for the report. You have to select at least one point to proceed further.

On the final step you need to set the name for the report. 

Press "Finish" once you're ready do start processing the report. Devtodev system will need some time to build the report for you. You can track the status of the report on the "Export raw data" menu.

Please note that all the prepared reports are available for 14 days from the moment of creation.

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