1. Go to Adjust Dashboard

  2. Copy the app token. You can find it by clicking the up arrow in the bottom of the app panel.

  3. Go to the 3rd party attribution page in the app settings in devtodev.

  4. After clicking ‘Edit’ in the Adjust settings, paste the copied app token into an appropriate field. If Google app ID (or iTunes App ID) is not filled in, please specify it.

  5. After clicking ‘Save’, the Callback URL field will appear on the settings panel. Copy its content and return to the app settings in

  6. Go to ‘Settings’ of the app on Adjust Dashboard. Then click ‘Raw data export’.

  7. Select ‘Real-Time Callbacks’.

  8. Find the Install event in the list and go to editing.

  9. Paste the previously copied URL into the CALLBACK URL field. Save changes.

  10. Integration is completed.

Note: If your app is multiplatform, and for each of the platforms you have a separate app in devtodev, repeat the 4th step for each of them. You don’t need to change CALLBACK URL again. The link will be the same for all platforms.

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