Cross-platform analytics

What is cross-platform analytics?

If your project works on different platforms (say, on iOS, Android and web), and it is important to synchronize the user/player progress regardless of the platform, then you have the cross-platform project. And devtodev can provide you with the set of analytic reports designed specially for cross-platform projects.

Cross-platform projects are very popular in every genre: games (Hearthstone, Minecraft etc.), social networks (Instagram, Facebook etc.), services (Booking, Uber) and so on.


How can I integrate the cross-platform project to devtodev?


Cross-platform project consists of different applications working on different platforms but the user progress is synchronized between all these applications.

To integrate your project to the cross-platform analytics you need first to integrate the SDK to every application of the cross-platform project. 

Attention! The version of SDK should be not earlier than

  • iOS 1.6
  • Android 1.6
  • Windows Phone 1.2
  • Web 1.2

If the application you integrate SDK in is a part of cross-platform project, then the user data initialization is required. 

Since the analytics of cross-platform projects is based on an unique user (unlike the usual projects where it is based on device identifiers), you have to:

  • Set the unique cross-platform user identifier (it will be used for cross-platform project data collection).
  • Actualize the user data. Mostly it is about game applications where the player has a game level as a characteristic. For such projects we recommend you to set the current player level.

If your cross-platform application supposes to be used without cross-platform authorization, don't use the setUserID method or use the empty string ("") as the user identifier . SDK will assign the unique identifier to user. This identifier will we used until the real cross-platform identifier assigns to the user.

Project creation

There are some terms you need to observe before creating the cross-platform project in devtodev interface:

  1. You need to integrate at least 2 different SDKs for different applications (which are the parts of cross-platform project).
  2. SDK versions should support the cross-platform functionality (see the versions of SDK above).
  3. Your SDKs should work not in test mode.
  4. The cross-platform project should not be the part of some other cross-platform projects.

If your project meets all the requirements, you can add the cross-platform project to devtodev. The algorithm is the following:

  • Check that all the applications are ready to be added.

  • Press the "Add new app" and select the "Cross-platform project" element on the right.

  • After the system check all the application SDKs, you can add the applications to the cross-platform projects.

  • Please double check the applications added, otherwise it can influence negatively on the accuracy of reports.

  • Set the name of cross-platform project and upload the picture for it (optionally).

  • Press "Finish" to confirm the creation of cross-platform project.

  • Now you can see the cross-platform project and its applications in "My Apps".


Where can I find the cross-platform reports?

Press "My Apps" and find the cross-platform project you need to analyze.

Daily Trends

Here you can see the same reports as in Daily Trends report for single platform projects, but there are some useful cross-platform novelties:

  • Gross is divided by single platform and multi-platform users.
  • Gross is also divided by platforms.

Usage & Monetization

It works nearly the same as the Usage and Monetization reports for single-platform projects, but there are some important cross-platform novelties:

  • You can see all the metric values not only for the whole set of users but also for single platform and multi-platform users (the users who use more than one platform). To do this, press the "All users" button above the report and select the segment you need.

  • You can separate registered users from non-registered ones. It is useful for those services which are possible to use without registration.  Find the lower part of report and select the "Registration" worksheet. 

  • You can separate single platform users from multi-platform ones.  Find the lower part of report and select the "Cross-activity" worksheet. 

  • You can separate the users by platform. Find the lower part of report and select the "Platform" worksheet. 

Please note that Usage & Monetization reports start working one day after creation the cross-platform project. If you want to check it earlier, you will see the error message.



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