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Live Ops in Games

How to Operate free-to-play Projects

About this Course

Live Ops for any free-to-play project is both a monetisation mechanic and a way of enhancing gamer loyalty. How to manage it in a way that running an event boosts your retention and revenue by tens of percent and doesn’t put gamers off?

Managing this process is a whole science on its own and we at devtodev have dedicated this course to this science.

In these free lectures the industry experts shared their experience, methods and use cases. You will learn the difference between in-game events and Live Ops, how to improve your in-game store, how to talk to your audience about upcoming events or promotions, how your support team can help with managing Live Ops, how to target your approach to suit the chosen audience, how to evaluate results of your actions, and what is the role of an event calendar.

Who is the Audience of the Course?

Anyone who is responsible for free-to-play game revenue generation: marketing specialists and analysts, user acquisition managers and game designers, producers and game studio owners, as well as indie developers who often play all these roles at the same time.

This is a self-access course that you can start at any time, study at your own pace when you want. Good luck!

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Course design

24/7 access

“Check yourself” tasks

Flexible study hours

Additional materials

10 lectures


Course Outline

“What is Live Ops”

“In-game Events: Live Ops is more than Direct Monetisation”

“In-game Promotions: How to Organise the Process”

“In-game Shop and Project Capacity”

“Targeted Offers: How to Personalize your Offers”

“Data-driven Approach to Live Ops”

“A/B Testing in Live Ops”

“Live Ops Mathematics: How to analyse the Effect”

“Marketing in Live Ops: How to Launch your Promotion so that it Fails and the Opposite”

“Support and Live Ops: Structure and Interrelation”

The course will teach you how to

  • Find projects in need of Live Ops.
  • Navigate the modern Live Ops landscape.
  • Run in-game promotions and events.
  • Measure the impact and quality of the organized events, gauge the impact of the events on metrics.
  • Build a good in-game event calendar.
  • Choose an optimal price for your items.
  • Find ways to prevent problems caused by bad Live Ops design.
  • Run A/B testing in Live Ops.
  • Target your offers and see when it is needed.
  • Present your promotion or an event the best way.
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