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On-demand resources to become an analytics guru
Creating Games on Unreal Engine (In Russian)

Make a prototype from scratch and find out that it is not so difficult as you might think before.

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QA in Games: Basic Course (In Russian)

Join our course to study the basic methods of game testing and watch 10 lectures from the experienced Lead QA.

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Game Design: How to Make Games That You Like & Make Money (In Russian)

Join our online course to learn how to make great games that bring money.

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Mathematics in Game Design: Theory and Practice (In Russian)

Join our course to expand your knowledge in game design.

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Introduction to GameDev (In Russian)

Join this course to know everything about gamedev industry and how to get into it.

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Game Analytics: From Basics to Advanced Strategies

Join our free online course in game analytics to learn everything from basics to advanced strategies.

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